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Disposable precision infusion set金沙娱乐网址

Disposable precision infusion set


1.Application:apply to gravity infusion;

2.Materials: Made of medical grade high elastic material,soft and anti-crush;

3.Suitable for infusion bottle or infusion bag;-手机版金沙娱乐官网

4.Tip:Luer slip or Luer lock;

5.Flow regulator: humanization design,fluency,precise,comfortable;

6.Sterile: By EO gas, Non-Toxic, Non-Pyrogenic

7.Certificate: CE and ISO13485

8.Exclusive patent protection


Product advantages:

1.Precision filter: Precision filter can filter diameter ≥-金沙娱乐网址js957.com5μm insoluble particles, the filtering efficiency is 95%, when the solution arrive the filter, the insoluble particles trapped, to s them enter into blood and harm human body.

2.Auto s liquid: When infusion is finished, the solution below the filter can auto s , delay blood return, to ensure patients really feel at ease, reduce the work pressure of nurses.

3.Auto vent: The gas through the filter can be automatically discharged through the filter to prevent gas from entering into patient’s blood vessels, reduce the traditional exhaust operation.